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Social Communications

What is SOCOM?

Social Communications (SOCOM) promotes the voice of the Church in the public arena.

SOCOM interacts with the vast world of both Christian and secular media. 

SOCOM develops, organizes, and conducts media education and awareness programs, and forms Church media operators.


The SOCOM Commission is focused on sharing news, views, and social issues of the faith events and current happenings in the Catholic Church and in society. This is the church’s instrument for advocacy and public relations.


SOCOM is mandated to research, cover & record, document, publish, package, and distribute church-society-related information. Our main aim of Social Communications is to evangelize through the media. 

Major Responsibilities:
  • Publication of Catholic Church News

  • Coverage and recording of all church events and developments

  • Enhance communication within the church and develop communication strategies that aid to the work of evangelization.

  •  Promote the church’s work and its involvement with society through communication.

  • Promote the work of other Commissions like Health, Education, Pontifical Mission Societies, Biblical Pastoral Ministry, and Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace.

             Caritas and the Pastoral Centre.

  • Documentation of church-society-related activities.

  • Networking with public and private media and encouraging positive coverage of the church by state and private media.

  • Further the church’s mission of evangelization through the media framework.

  • Create a platform for sharing information, faith, ideas, and beliefs.

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